Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Look for DIET ???

Diet Watch - Online Weight Loss Program was one of the first weight loss programs to provide a complete Internet-only weight loss program. They appeared in about 1999 backed by dietitian Jennifer May.
The DietWatch Eating Plans
There are 4 diet options:
Balanced - A balanced eating plan for general weight loss.
Reduced Carb - not to be confused with low carb diets such as Atkins - here the carbs are set at 40%.
Low Cholesterol - this diet plan will keep saturated fats to a minimum.
Vegetarian - a lacto-ovo diet plan (includes eggs and milk)
You can choose to lose weight or maintain weight. Their free diet profile will take your information and come up with a daily calorie level (even including vitamins and other micro-nutrients).

An Excellent Program

DietWatch provides all the features and tools you would come to expect in a subscription-based weight loss program. Personalized meal plans, a comprehensive diet planner and log, fitness and exercise workouts, shopping lists, message boards, and a great community.
The calorie levels, and nutrient mix appear to be very sensible and well thought out. From our own profile, the nutrient ratios for the balanced plan appeared to be around 50% carb, 20% protein, and 30% fat - which is an excellent balance between the current low-fat vs low-carb debate.
This program seems to be immune to the proliferation of diet fads and extremes, and appears to take the best of current nutrition research to come up with their plans.